Sota Seoul is here!

The much anticipated album from Lyric Marid is finally here. The project is perhaps the best, and most complete body of work that we have heard from the Southside Minneapolis native. In fact, it's more than an album, it's a journey through the psyche of Lyric Marid, and what makes him who he is - an artist, writer, poet, creator, father, man.  

Lyric demands your Respect from the first track, both figuratively and literally, speaking about the things he loves most in the world - his son and his home. We then we get a glimpse of the environment and experiences of a man who has experienced so much in his short time on earth. The next few tracks outline the artist's blueprint for weaving his way past the competition and never looking back. This piece of art rounds out while we have some fun with some of his favorite things - women and drugs.  

Check out the video for Royalty - the first visual from Sota Seoul. 

The album is available on all major streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, iTunes + more. You can also listen and download the album here, or stream on Soundcloud.  

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