Deeply Rooted Tribe releases new EP 'Tribe These'

Deeply Rooted Tribe has been putting in major work this year. After re-emerging on the scene 2 years ago after a brief hiatus, Tribe showed they are a force to be reckoned with in the booming Minnesota music scene. With recent trips to Houston, Dallas, New York, and all over Minnesota, there is no doubt that Tribe is determined to spread the message of their music as well as their undeniable energy to crowds across the map. They cap off a busy 2016 with the release of their second EP Tribe These. The five track album is the perfect mix of consciousness and party. Be on the lookout as Tribe looks to have an even more exciting 2017. 

You can stream Tribe These on Soundcloud, or download here

Be sure to come through Tribe These EP release party on Wednesday, December 14 at the Reverie Cafe + Bar (1931 Nicollet Ave N). Special guests include Rich Garvey, Destiny Roberts, Thad Hill, and 2Infinity. Rich Lee will be spinning and Lyric Marid will be hosting the event. You can still buy $5.00 pre-sale tickets here.

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