Back 2 Back - Kashy and Lyric Marid videos featured in City Pages

Kashy - Suicide

"For the purposes of this column, I’ve always considered North Dakota “local.” So many of the Roughrider State’s musicians rely on exposure in the Twin Cities to take off, and Kashy is one of the most promising rappers to cross the border. Also, Kashy is a signee to Mill City Music, another great argument for including his new video for “Suicide” here. 

Also, it’s very good. On “Suicide,” Kashy shows off seraphic voice, blending vocals in with arpeggiated beats. There’s a definite Weeknd feel to the first verse, but Kashy totally changes up his style in the second, rapping his ass off as he battles the emptiness of infatuation. Jesse Rubbelke of 42 Lights Media directs."

-Courtesy of Jerard Fagerberg and City Pages

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Lyric Marid - Jaycen

"Rappers aren’t always forthcoming with their motivations. Usually, it’s some nebulous mix of money, respect, and fame that pushes them forward, but Minneapolis rapper Lyric Marid makes no illusions about what drives him to achieve -- the wellbeing of his son Jaycen. 

“Jaycen,” from Marid's latest album Sota Seoul, is a heartfelt statement of purpose. Not only does he outline his motivation to provide for his child, but he re-emphasizes a promise he made to himself to never repeat the sins of his own father. M&A Productions directs an equally heartfelt video that focuses right in on Jaycen, juxtaposing the portraits with footage of Marid grinding late night to keep him comfortable."

-Courtesy of Jerard Fagerberg of City Pages

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